mom and daughter learning about senior living services Many reach a point in life when they switch roles with their parents or caregivers. Sometimes children must become the parent and find senior living services and long-term care for their loved ones. This can come from age, medical trauma, or an illness like Alzheimer’s. The process may seem overwhelming if you’ve never had a loved one in need of long-term care. This is especially so when dealing with insurance coverage and the variety of choices for care that are out there. To get you started, let’s unravel some of the mysteries of long-term care.

Understanding Long-Term Care

There are different levels of long-term care. The one you choose depends on your specific needs. At WRC Senior Services, we provide the following senior living services:

  • Continuing care retirement community– This option provides a full continuum of care for seniors as the need arises. This eliminates the stress of having to move your loved one from facility to facility, should a problem arise.
  • Residential senior living– A residential community allows more independent individuals to continue enjoying their life without the tiring upkeep of their own homes.
  • Home health care– If your loved one isn’t ready to leave their home, but still needs some additional assistance, home health care is the ideal service.
  • Hospice care– If your loved one is suffering from a life-limiting injury or illness, hospice is the best senior living service available.
  • Short-term rehab– Short-term rehab helps to get individuals back on their feet after an injury or health event.
  • Personal care– This service option benefits those who don’t require intensive, hands-on care from a nursing home but still need help with daily chores.
  • Memory support– Special care is necessary for those suffering from memory loss that stems from an injury or a disease like Alzheimer’s.

The Pennsylvania Home Care Association offers a more comprehensive guide, starting with how to talk to your loved one about long-term care, how to pay for care, and how to plan for the future.

Senior Living Services through WRC Senior Services

Since 1890, WRC Senior Services has been the go-to source for Pennsylvania residents when it comes to senior living services. From senior living communities to providing round-the-clock care, WRC Senior Services is ready to care for your loved one.

Not sure which of the available senior living services you need for your loved one? Contact WRC Senior Services today at 814-849-1205 to speak with a team member. We’re ready to help you navigate this tough transition.