E.M. “Jack” Parker Legacy Society


The E.M. “Jack” Parker Legacy Society was formed in 2018 to honor a life that truly impacted his community. Jack called WRC’s Laurelbrooke Landing campus home for the final 14 months of his 92 years. Upon his passing in March 2018, Jack’s wife, Jean, gifted a generous donation to WRC’s charitable mission in Jack’s honor.

Jean decided to honor Jack with the donation, and subsequent formation of this foundation, for an honorable cause – helping families of older adults afford quality care like Jack himself received at the end of his life.

“Jack received the ‘Bestest of Best’ care at McKinley Health Center,” says Jean, Jack’s wife of 34 years. “And when supporting WRC with your financial gift, it may help your neighbor or your unknown friend who needs you. Jack was low-keyed, a true gentleman and kindness belong in his legacy.  All gifts made to the E.M. “Jack” Parker, Jr. Legacy Society will not only help honor his memory but also help support those who are deserving of the very best care.”

Jack embodied WRC’s core values. His actions at home and in the community displayed dignity, professionalism, accountability, and kindness. Jean saw these characteristics her husband was known for being put to use by our staff during Jack’s stay. With her donation, it’s her hope that we can continue to provide care using the same guiding principles with which Jack lived his life.

Please consider contributing to this cause. Together, we will ensure that Jack Parker’s legacy is synonymous with kindness, compassion, and generosity.

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Jack Parker was born on February 19, 1926, in Punxsutawney, PA. He graduated from Punxsutawney High School in 1946, and served in the U.S. Air Force’s Civil Air Patrol. For 70 years, Jack was affiliated with the Masons of Hobah Lodge 276 in Brookville, PA and was a member of The Shriners for over 50 years, joining in 1962. In 1984, he married the love of his life, Jean Parker.

Jack made his name as the founder, owner, and operator of E.M. Parker Signs and Parker’s Indian Trading Post in Cooks Forest, PA. In addition to his businesses, Jack is known for his dedication to the local community. He had a large part in securing funding for the Jefferson County Historical Society, which now houses the E.M. Parker Gallery. Among others, Jack’s efforts supported Brookville’s Food Pantry, Boy Scouts and YMCA.

When he wasn’t putting in time at his businesses or in the community, Jack enjoyed playing tennis, archery, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Jack was a pleasant and easygoing resident of the Laurelbrooke Landing campus during his time with WRC. With your help, the Parker Legacy Society will help us provide assistance to many more like Jack in the community he loved so dearly.

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