As you age, deciding what your next steps will be can be daunting and stressful. Caring for your home can become tiring and can even lead to injury depending on your physical capabilities. Your children and loved ones tend to worry about your safety and well-being while wondering what comes next. To keep your independence while also keeping your peace of mind, consider residential senior living services.

All About Residential Senior Living?

If you are still able to live independently but no longer want to maintain your own home, residential senior living is for you. Residential living communities are popular among “snowbirds,” who go south for the winter. These individuals can travel without the worry or stress of leaving their homes unattended.

At WRC Senior Servies, we create our residential senior living communities with seniors in mind. They offer a more compact layout, handicapped-accessible accommodations, and supportive services. General maintenance and upkeep are provided along with additional services like repairs, lawn care, and snow removal.

Additional residential senior living services also tend to offer the following:

  • Dining services
  • Basic housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Home care services
  • Social activities
  • Emergency alert systems
  • Live-in housing manager
  • On-site beauty salons and barber shops

Residential Senior Living Services through WRC Senior Services

Residential living communities may be apartment complexes like WRC Senior Services’ North Fork Heights, townhomes like the Village at Laurelbrooke Landing or the Village at Ridgmont, condominiums, or single-family homes like The Laurels or The Villas at Water Run.

Many residential living communities for older adults are rental properties. They are either standard market rate rent or individuals receive subsidies according to their income. Some residential living communities like The Laurels and the Villas at Water Run are continuing care retirement communities. Residents pay an entrance fee to live there which is partially refundable upon move-out.

To learn more about WRC Senior Services and the residential senior living services we provide, reach out to our team today. Call now at 814-849-1205 to speak with a team member about your options and how to get started.