WRC Senior Services Employees Honored

Stacey Anthony of In Home Solutions

Home Care Manager Becky Henry of In Home Solutions hugs awardee Home Care Aide Stacey Anthony, who was recognized for 5 years of service.

WRC Senior Services’ annual Employee Awards Banquet was held recently at the Trinity Point Church of God in Clarion.

Sixty-one employees in all were honored for their dedication to WRC Senior Services.

Thirty-three employees were honored for years of service, with a combined total of 310 years.

Eighteen employees were recognized as “engaged employees.” An engaged employee is one who advances the mission of WRC Senior Services through active participation in programs and quality improvement efforts.

Ten employees were also recognized as nominees for the 2016 WRC PRIDE Awards for their hard work and dedication.

For each of WRC’s locations, the following employees were honored:

North Fork Heights – 5 Years of Service: Maintenance Tech Kevin Himes and Clerical Support Anne Lyle, both of Brookville.

Ridgmont – 5 Years of Services: Activities Director Doris Banks of Brockport.

In Home Solutions home health care agency – 5 Years of Service: Home Care Aide Stacey Anthony of Sligo, Speech Language Pathologist Wendy Smith of Sligo, Home Health Aides Melissa Bowser of Brookville, Kimberly Cicciarelli of Rimersburg and Mona Parks of Knox.

10 Years of Service: Home Health Aides Jean Babyak of Clarion and Carole Stephens of Worthville and Home Care Aide Linda Miller of Brookville.

15 Years of Service: Home Health Aides Cindy Frantz of Timblin, Patty McElhinny of Brookville, Susan Monty of Knoxdale and Sherry Murray of Summerville.

Engaged Employees: Office Assistant and Home Health Aide Lisa Dunn of Cooksburg; Home Health Aide Rebecca Bonfardine of Mayport; and Service Coordinators Janice Hatten and Camille Reitz and Home Health Aide Sandy Lockwood, all of Brookville.

PRIDE Award Nominees: Director of Professional Services Roxanne Manson of Fisher and Home Health Aide Sally Newman of Sigel.

Amber Yeaney

Director of Nursing Kelly Fye recognizes Nurse Aide Amber Yeaney for five years of service.

Laurelbrooke Landing continuing care retirement community – 5 Years of Service: RN Holly Daum of Leeper; Cook II Cindy Ghezzi of Strattanville; Resident Aide Lacy Ramsey of Ringgold; and Chaplain Pastor Ray Baker, Nurse Aide WEBON Amber Yeaney, Laundry Assistant Mary Cowfer and Dining Services Assistant Ronda Slaughenhaupt, all of Brookville.

10 Years of Service: RN Amy Blunt and Housekeeper Evelyn Smith, both of Brookville.

15 Years of Service: RN Manager Heather Lindenpitz, Laundry Assistant Jutta Spare and House Services Team Leader Carla Galbraith, all of Brookville.

25 Years of Service: Central Supply Coordinator Mike Johnstone of Brookville.

Engaged Employees: Nurse Aide Nicole Kalgren of Summerville; LPN WEBON Nancy Jones of Sligo; LPN Advanced Stacy Fiscus of Sigel; Activities Assistant Katie Fiscus of Corsica; and Staffing Coordinator Lori Heagy, LPN Charge Nurse Melissa McLaughlin, LPN Advanced Chris Phillips, Administrative Assistant Andrea Wallace, Activities Assistant Rita Shultz and Nurse Aide Kaydee Armstrong, all of Brookville.

PRIDE Award Nominees: Fiscus; Heagy; Resident Aide Sandra Miller of Sigel; and Administrative Assistant Susan Hammer, LPN Charge Nurse Debra Barch, Resident Aide Lisa Brandt and Resident Aide Advanced Susan Park, all of Brookville.

Highland Oaks at Water Run – 5 Years of Service: Resident Aide Advanced Connie Lauer of Lucinda.

10 Years of Service: Resident Aide Advanced Pam Knight of Knox.

25 Years of Service: Resident Aide Advanced Judy McCleary of Knox.

Engaged Employee: Maintenance Tech II Matt Davis of Rimersburg.

Edgewood Heights – 5 Years of Service: Resident Aide Crystal Woods of Shippenville.

Engaged Employee: Dining Services Supervisor Jessica Garrett of Rimersburg.

PRIDE Award Nominee: Resident Aide Advanced Joetta Powell of New Bethlehem.

Marge Clark

Senior Director of Post Acute Care Marge Clark is recognized for 10 years of service by WRC Director of Home and Community Based Services Julie Swonger.

WRC Senior Services Business Office – 10 Years of Service: Senior Director of Post Acute Services Marge Clark of Brookville.

Engaged Employees: Accounts Receivable/ Housing Manager Assistant Jason Senior of DuBois.

The 2016 WRC PRIDE Award winners were also announced at the event. The PRIDE Awards are the most prestigious award WRC gives, as the winners are decided through a nomination process.

The awards are given to individuals who exemplify WRC PRIDE. PRIDE stands for Professionalism, Responsibility, Innovation, Dedication and Excellence.

For the first time, WRC gave PRIDE Awards for “Care Partner of the Year” in each service division – skilled nursing, personal care and home care.

Lori Heagy

McKinley Health Center Staffing Coordinator Lori Heagy receives a PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year in Skilled Nursing”

The WRC PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year for Skilled Nursing” was awarded to Lori Heagy.

She is the Staffing Coordinator at McKinley Health Center at Laurelbrooke Landing and has worked at WRC for fifteen years.

“[Lori] knows each and every one of our skilled residents, but in her position, more importantly, she knows each of our staff members and has an innate likability,” said President-CEO Barbara Sepich. “She always ensures that the residents have the caregivers that they need every day, every night, and she does it with an amazingly positive attitude.”

Sandra Miller gets award

Laurelbrooke Personal Care Resident Aide Sandy Miller receives the PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year in Personal Care.”

The PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year for Personal Care” went to Sandra Miller.

She is a Resident Aide at Laurelbrooke Personal Care and has been with WRC for two years.

“[Sandy] makes sure the residents that come into personal care know that they are home. She makes each resident feel like they belong,” said Sepich. “Her attitude is always positive, and she’s infectious among the staff and the residents.”

The PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year for Home Care” went to Sally Newman.

sally newman gets award

In Home Solutions Home Health Aide receives a PRIDE Award for “Care Partner of the Year in Home Care.”

Newman is a Home Health Aide with In Home Solutions and has worked there for over ten years.

“[Sally] is a person willing to work the many hours needed to ensure that our very special clients have the care that they need,” said Sepich. “She has mentored other caregivers so that they provide the high level of care that she knows that her clients deserve and exemplifies to her clients, their families and the community what WRC PRIDE is all about.”

The PRIDE Award for “Leader of the Year” went to Housing Manager Becky Park of Summerville.

Becky Park award

WRC Housing Manager Becky Park was awarded “Leader of the Year.”

Park has worked at WRC for over 20 years. She started out in clerical support and now manages more residents than anyone else in the organization.

Park oversees North Fork Heights, The Village at Laurelbrooke Landing and The Village at Ridgmont

“Throughout her career, [Becky} has always accepted the challenges presented to her and excelled every time,” said Sepich. “She is a person who can be described as extremely loyal and dedicated to both her residents and to WRC. She is an outstanding example of professionalism, responsibility, innovation, dedication and excellence.”

PRIDE Awards are also given to volunteers. For the

Murphy, Donna and Gary Fye

Murphy and his owners Gary and Donna Fye were recognized for the WRC PRIDE Award for “Volunteer Pet of the Year.”

first time this year, an award was given for “Volunteer Pet of the Year.” This special award went to Murphy Fye and his owners Gary and Donna Fye of Brookville.

“Murphy, Gary and Donna have been gracing Laurelbrooke Landing with their presence for several years,” said Sepich. “Murphy dedicates much time and effort in providing therapeutic pet visits to residents that brings unprecedented joy to so many people – residents, staff and visitors alike.”

The PRIDE Award for “Volunteer Director of the Year” went to Patty Hurd of Brookville, who serves on the North Fork Heights board of directors.

She is the second generation of her family to be a dedicated volunteer for WRC, as her mother Wilma McCallus served for many years.

Patty Hurd

WRC board member Patty Hurd was recognized as the “Volunteer Director of the Year.”

“[Patty] is a valued part of the North Fork Heights board and takes time every month to bake for the residents,” said Sepich. “She is instrumental in helping residents get back and forth to the Emerickville United Methodist Church and is often available for the residents of North Fork Heights for coffee, fellowship, a smile and laughter.”

The PRIDE Award for “Volunteer of the Year” went to Doris Bickle of Brookville.

Doris has been a volunteer for over 20 years and is currently an office volunteer at In Home Solutions.

“[Doris’] organization skills and willingness to give her

Doris Bickle

WRC volunteer Doris Bickle was the recipient of the PRIDE Award for “Volunteer of the Year.”

time have been invaluable, and she does it all with a warm and friendly smile,” said Sepich. “She is appreciated beyond words and is a joy to have as a volunteer.”

WRC Senior Services employs over 300 people in Jefferson, Clarion, Clearfield and Elk counties.  For information about employment opportunities, call Director of Human Resources Stephanie Cable at 814-849-1207 ext 1110 or visit www.wrc.org.

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