What do our residents say about North Fork Heights?

“Quiet, not bothered, good neighbors, safe.”North Fork Heights resident

“If you need anything done in your apartment, it is fixed right away.”

“It is great.”

“Worry free for me as a senior citizen.”

“Everyone is very friendly. The staff – very efficient and if there’s a need, they’re right there to help. The laundry room is bright and clean. The sitting areas are very welcoming.”

“Makes a person feel comfortable and welcome.”

“I would rate North Fork Heights the best place to live.”

“North Fork Heights is absolutely the cleanest and most beautiful place I’ve ever lived. I moved away and just short of two years had to come back. I have lived in 5 different highrises, and this is by far the best!”

“Everything is great and so are all the people from In Home Solutions.”

“My dad is so much healthier and happy, and it’s so much easier on me. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my dad. The residents and staff are friendly and accommodating. In a word, it is perfect! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.”