At WRC Senior Services, we work closely with older adults and their caregivers to connect them to the best services to meet their needs. We also offer a variety of free web resources. Take some time to browse through the resources we offer.

You will find a Guide to Long Term Care. This defines the different levels of care available to older adults and the types of services provided in each.

You will find Links to the most common educational resources for caregivers, as well as organizations that can assist you with caring for your loved one.

There are several Support Groups in the area for caregivers. Don’t hold in all your questions, frustrations and worries. There are other folks out there who understand just what you are going through. You are not alone.

And finally we write a blog for caregivers and their loved ones, called “Making the Best Choice.” Read about tips for caregivers, inspiration, healthy aging, accessing services, managing chronic illnesses and more.

Have additional questions? Please give us a call at 814-849-1205.